Free Fish and a $10 Car Mechanic

Not being lazy before my trip to Paris tomorrow,  I cut our greens today using our only lawn mower. Takes about 2 hours and it’s much cheaper than a membership at Bally’s, especially when its 90 degrees at 8:00 am.

No blond Colombian children were harmed in the taking of this picture

While I was mowing, Ernesto was catching fish for everyone.

I “gave” fish for all the workers’ families. They are so appreciative. Let’s see if they feel that way after eating the fish that have been surviving only on old range balls.

The name of the fish is CACHAMA. Kinda tasty but more bones you would ever want for a main course. Takes about 45 minutes to eat one.

So, if you read yesterday’s post, you’ll know that a friend of ours helped fix the car in a most unusual way. Well, it stalled again. So, being the observant guy that I am, I rememberd what hose Alvaro sucked on to remedy the situation. There I was, car parked down at the golf course, bent over the engine, sucking on a small hose to the carburator. If my friends could see me now, I thought. I motioned to Jorge to start the car. I was going to feel so proud…….Nuthin’. Suck on the other end, I figured……. Nothin’. Jorge was doubled over laughing but figured he’d give it a try next. My turn to giggle…….. Nothin’. Along came Ernesto. “McGyver” was sure to get the car started in his own inimitable way. But his own inimitable way turned out to be sucking on the same hose. Nobody is too afraid of dirt or germs down here…….Nuthin’. So, I was stuck again with no way to retrieve the two girls that I needed to pick up at school. This is officially my only income in Colombia. Along with my step-daughter Catalina, I drive 2 other girls to and from school every day. Their parents pay me $50 each every month. Pays for gas and carburator sucking classes. Fortunately, Sandra called one of the fathers who was willing to make the trip and pick up the girls.

Back to the “sucking” problem. Ernesto called a mechanic. 20 minutes later the mechanic arrived on his moto with a small tool chest for a passenger. What happened next was a melange of rural Spanish and mechanical skills, neither of which I excel at. All I know is the mechanic is coming tomorrow for a free lesson and charged us $10. There are so many things that are more expensive in Colombia than in the USA. But on this day, we ate for free and had a mechanic visit for $10. Try that at home!

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